Return Policy

              ABCO Wholesale Distributors, LLC. Return Policy



1. If ABCO has made an error, there will be no service charge for items 

    returned within one week from date of invoice.


2. On returns for other than ABCO errors, a 15% re-stocking fee may

    be assessed.


3. An original invoice must accompany all returns. No returns, for any

    reason, will be accepted after thirty (30) days from the time of shipment

    or pickup. An RMA ticket will be issued for all returns, followed by a



4. Pricing- The price for material covered hereby shall be adjusted to the

    sellers published price or contract pricing in effect at the time of



5. No credit applied for damaged/used merchandise being returned after the

    delivery date. Concealed damage on breakable merchandise will be

    reviewed on an individual basis. All merchandise must be returned in its        original packaging. In effort to better serve you we are encouraging all

    accounts, as well as our drivers, to check and verify all merchandise at 

    the time of delivery. No returns on any item after 90-days from invoice



6. No “special” ordered items or “direct” shipped items will be returned to

    ABCO. If merchandise is defective, arrangements will be made to have 

    the merchandise returned directly to the manufacturer. For any other 

    circumstances, please ask your sales representative.


7. No returns on chemicals (opened or un-opened), equipment parts and

    safety related items that have an OSHA rating or stamp.


8. All orders paid by check will have a seven day waiting period before

    credit is given. Returned checks are subject to a $20.00 fee. Credit will 

    be given in the same manner in which the original invoice is paid. (ABCO

    Wholesale Distributors reserves the right to refund by form of check). 

    Most refunds will be handled in the manner in which they were 



9. Taxes- Any tax, duty, or other governmental charge now or hereafter

    levied upon the production, sale, use or shipment of materials ordered

    or sold hereunder shall be for the buyers account. Such governmental   

    levies are not covered in the Seller’s price unless expressly so stated.


10. Warranty/Damaged goods-  Seller shall replace any product which is 

    found defective or damaged during shipping, if the seller receives written      or verbal notice of such defect within ten (10) days from the date of 

    shipment. Seller shall under no circumstance be liable to anyone for 

    damages of any kind or character, whether, indirect, special, 

    consequential, incidental or otherwise. Manufacture’s warranties will 

    apply were applicable.


11. Non-waiver Sellers waiver any of these Conditions of Sale in any

      circumstance shall be limited to that instance and shall not imply that 

      Seller will waive Condition of Sale on any future occasion.




A copy of this (return) policy can be sent to you upon request. This policy is non-negotiable. It applies to all customers, & all sales invoiced.






















































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