Green Products

ABCO Wholesale Distributors now carries a full line of Green products which are certified to be environmentally friendly. Customers can now choose products which are safe for themselves as well as our Earth. The products below are all Green Seal certified.






Clorox offers a wide range of eco freindly products from bathroom cleaner to window cleaner, all purpose cleaners and refills. This line is EPA approved for environmentally safe products. Whether you use these products in home or at work you will get the performance of standard cleaning solutions but without the caustic non-environmentally safe results. Ask your representative about this new line of green safe products.


Stock Items:(*)

Mfg Item#      Description

#00456*        Greenworks All Purpose Spray 12/24oz-cs

#00459*        Greenworks Glass Cleaner 12/32oz-cs

#00452*        Greenworks Bathroom Clnr 12/24oz-cs

#30381*        Greenworks Dish Detergent 8/38oz-cs

Kutol Products

Mfg Item #          Description

#69041              Kutol Foaming Luxury Hand Soap  6/1000ml-cs

Luxurious foaming soap with a very appealing tropical fragrance. Contains Aloe and Vitamin E. Economical and soft-dispensing, a favorite among end-users.

Carroll Chemical

ENVIRO PATROL® is our new line of products that are DfE** or Green Seal* certified. Environmentally preferred products are better for the environment and better for your health. By cleaning with products that are healthier for the air, ground, streams, and lakes (or waterways) there will be fewer chemical contaminants left behind to inhibit your health. This means a cleaner, healthier space to work, learn, heal, or play.

Mfg Item #          Description

#185                  Multi-Purpose Cleaner


Pack Size - 4/1 gallon

• Can be used as scrub and recoat product

• Pleasant fragrance

• Multi applications

• Non alkaline formula

• Odor neutralizer


Mfg Item #          Description

#182                  Glass & Surface Cleaner


Pack Size - 4/1 gallon

• Excellent drying time

• Streak free, film free

• Light utility cleaner

• Safe for the environment

• Pleasant to use


Mfg Item #          Description

#127                  Neutral Cleaner


Pack Size - 4/1 gallon

• Excellent maintainer for polished floors

• Safe neutral pH

• Safe on painted surfaces

• Desirable for walls, floors and woodwork

• Safe and user friendly


Mfg Item #          Description

#440                  Restroom Cleaner

Pack Size - 4/1 gallon

• General purpose restroom product

• Safe on porcelain, aluminum and stainless steel

• Versatile dilutions for multi tasks

• Effective on soap scum, mildew and water scale

• Safe daily cleaner


Mfg Item #          Description

#350                  Wax & Finish Remover

Pack Size - 4/1 gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon drum

• Low VOC compounds

• Ultra low odor

• Formulated without harsh caustics and butyl

• No neutralizing necessary

• Contains no harsh petrochemicals


Mfg Item #          Description

#667                  Metal Free Floor Finish


Pack Size - 4/1 gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon drum

• Contains no zinc

• Multi purpose product

• Tough-durable

• High gloss

• Multi speed product

Simple Green

Stock Items:(*)

Mfg Item#        Description

#13005*          Simple Green 6gl/cs

#13006*          Simple Green 5gl pail

#13008*          Simple Green 55gl drum

#13012*          Simple Green 12/24oz

#30301            Simple Green Pro3 6gl/cs

#30501            Simple Green Pro5 4gl/cs

Bay West

Several of our EcoSoft™ products have obtained certification as environmentally preferable by Green Seal, Inc. of Washington, DC (  These EcoSoft™ Green Seal® products are the first and only complete line of towels and tissue to be certified by Green Seal.  To achieve and maintain the Green Seal certification, our towel and tissue products are continually subjected to rigorous evaluation and testing, along with a quality-control audit of our papermaking processes at our mill in Middletown, Ohio.


Bay West is a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).  The USGBC is the nation’s foremost coalition of leaders for promoting and advancing buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable, and healthy places to work.  As the first paper company to join the U.S. Green Building Council, Wausau Paper can directly support the goals of the Council and our customers working to achieve “green” status for their buildings with our EcoSoft™ Green Seal® products. (


We carry the Baywest Line of Towels & Tissue

Stock Items:(*)

Mfg Item#            Description

#31400*              Ecosoft Semi-Bleached Towel 6-800'/cs

#31500*              Ecosoft Brown Roll Towel 6-630'/cs

#31600*              Ecosoft White Roll Rowel 6-630'/cs

#54000*              Ecosoft Toilet Tissue 96rl/cs 2ply

#54900*              Ecosoft Toilet Tissue 96rl/cs 2ply

#61600*              Ecosoft 616 Sheet Tissue 48rl/cs 2ply

#40700*              Ecosoft Household Towel 2ply 30rl/cs 70sht

#41090*              Ecosoft Household Towel 2ply 30rl/cs 90sht

#40000*              Ecosoft Household Towel 2ply 30rl/cs 100sht

#61990                Ecosoft 865 Sheet Tissue 36rl/cs 2ply

#06185                DublSoft Facial Tissue 2ply 36/85cnt-cs

#47000*              Ecosoft Brown Singlefold Towel 4020/cs

#49500*              Ecosoft White C-fold Towel 2400/cs

#48500*              Ecosoft White Multifold Towel 4000/cs

#48000*               Ecosoft Brown Multifold Towel 4000/cs


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