Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "Do you Have Multiple Locations?"


A: "Currently, our central location is in New Britain, CT. Our storefront,

    central warehouse and main offices are located here. We do 

    however,  have new additional warehousing in another nearby

    location. Some day our goal is to open several storefront locations

    around the state, and perhaps all over New England!"





Q: "Where do you ship to, how far?"


A: "We have customers all over New England. Most are located in CT &






Q: "I am a residential customer, can I buy from you?"


A: "Yes, though we are mostly commercial based we welcome the

    public to our large store front. We also have an ecommerce 

    website (shop-abco) for customers who wish to purchase online!"





Q: "Gas is expensive, how much are your shipping costs?"


A: "Local delivery is free, further deliveries require a $75.00-$100.00 

    minimum and a small fuel charge depending on your location."





Q: "I want to get pricing on some of your products, what do I do?"


A: "Typically, we handle most of our generated sales through our     

    sales reps and advertising. If you are interested in pricing, one of 

    our sales staff can contact you or you can call or fill out a request 

    for quotation here on our site under the online forms link."





Q: "If I don't see a product I am looking for, can I still get it?"


A: "Absolutely, yes! Just because a particular item is not listed on our site does not mean we don't carry it. We are constantly updating our catalog with new merchandise and can special order almost any product related to our product lines."


























































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